So far the mNotation™ orchestral parts include:


and Brass:

Note: Bass Trombone part in progress; Tuba part in progress, although you’re advised to use the Generic Bass part for that. Also, since the current brass parts were prepared specifically for a gala event, I dispensed with the ‘special effects’ feature for now. I assumed (correctly) that the attendees would rush to the food and alcohol rather than wander around the atrium and ponder the nuance of the music (although, to be fair, there were a few wanderers/ponderers). A recital or concert setting including brass may indeed benefit from the special effects feature—email me if you’re considering such a performance, and I’ll update the parts.

The current generic parts could be used for any of the clarinets (Bb, A, Eb, alto, bass, or contrabass) and tuba (C, F, CC), although they’re not specific in the realm of special effects for those instruments. You can perform with them, but just ignore pitches outside your instrument’s range, and when you see ‘special effect’, improvise a special effect (fluttertongue, multiphonic, mute effect, whatever is idiomatic to your instrument, or some DSP effect if you are being amplified).  Other instruments are invited to use the generic parts for now, although there’s obviously pitches to ignore.

  • Generic Treble , Bb Clarinet range (also flute, oboe, English Horn, all clarinets, all saxophones. Ignore pitches outside your range. All this until I get the funding to move forward in this project!)
  • Generic Bass , Bass Tuba range (also bassoon, contrabassoon, baritone [reading bass clef]. baritone tuba, tuba. Again, ignore pitches outside your range.)

Other parts in progress. Look for more, soon!

Multi-staff pitched percussion (xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, chimes), and harp, piano, organ, or electronic keyboard, and also unpitched accessory percussion (woodblocks, temple blocks, claves, guiro, triangle, gongs, tam-tams, cymbals, toms, floor tom, snare, bass drum, drum kit, electronic drums, bongos, congas, and all non-Western percussion including gamelan, Asian, Indian, and African ensembles) please commission me directly for your part, and your place in myoozikul hisstree!

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