Frequently asked questions about mNotation™.

What, exactly, is mNotation™?

mNotation™ is an online random music notation generation system.

What do I need to play it?

You need an instrument and a laptop, netbook, or mobile device that supports Adobe Flash—sorry, no iPhone or iPad app, but if you’d like to develop one with me, let’s talk).

What if I can’t read myoozik?

Learn to read myoozik.

I’m playing mNotation™ with my buds, but it just sounds weird. How come it doesn’t sound like, you know, Coldplay?

Well, it’s not really designed to do popforms. mNotation™ has been described in the popular press as ‘the last gasp of digital modernism’: it’s made to produce unbalanced, angular, and unpredictable textures, patterened after European and American experimental musical traditions.

Now, if you want to amplify your string quartet, and mix it with something ambient, or rhythmic, then yay! Do that! mNotation™ plays well with others.

Uh, so I could, like, amplify a string quartet playing mNotation™, and mix it with my visualist set and my otherwise unremarkable 4/4 electronica?

By all means. Knock yourself out. Just credit me for the weird orchestration when you make your millions.

Ok, cool . . .


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